Our motive is to assist more people experience financial well-being.
Together with our clients, we’re contributing to a more even-handed
and resilient world – today and for future generations to come.


COVID-19 latest information from TodoVale Investment Managers – January 2021

Since January 2020, we’ve been operating underneath measures meant to safeguard our employees’ health and safety and therefore the continuity of our business. Our colleagues stay totally operational whether or not they are based at home or within the workplace …

Who we are


All our thinking
starts with the client – we continually think about the
manner our customers live today and tomorrow in
order to continue to be relevant and impactful


We speak out and act to
make things happen. We
push the boundaries of
what’s doable and take
daring actions to search
out new ways in which to
be valuable.


We are guided by robust
moral fundamentals,
trusting our internal
judgment to do the proper
thing for our customers,
employees, stakeholders
and partners.


We are stronger when
collaborating and acting
as one group. Being
together and being
completely different with
matching goal makes us greater.

Cyber Security

Urbanisation and socio-demographic trends

Urbanisation is a trend that’s profoundly re-shaping the structure of cities and how people
live in them. Alongside urbanisation are socio-demographic trends that continually change
how people are choosing to live and are exacerbated by affordability following the robust
house price appreciation most markets have enjoyed since the GFC. The demand being
placed upon cities’ infrastructure, land supply, arrangement and logistics is promoting the
regeneration of urban centers and spurring the emergence of latest housing variety. With
urbanisation expected to persist for the predictable future TodoVale contend that a focus on
urban centers exhibiting growth and investment potential that give scope to develop a range
of housing varieties, are the key to building a reliable residential investment strategy.

Overview of TodoVale infrastructure investment strategies



Our Stock Pickers are asked to sort out only the stocks they most trust in, generating a diverse portfolio of around 200 stocks aiming to surpass world stock markets.


Our multi-manager approach reduces risk and volatility, smoothing out the peaks and troughs usually related with a single manager.


Our expert Stock Pickers are carefully selected worldwide. In the US, retail investors are only able to access their best ideas through Todovale.


As long-term investors, we implanted social, environmental and governance factors into every stage of our investment process.
Take in these factors has the dual benefit of decreasing risk whereas increasing the sustainability of returns.


Our policy is to pay investors a dividend that increases per annum.
We have delivered this for years, positioning us among the top of the Association of Investment Companies’ “Dividend Heroes”.


For our investors, high-quality, active investment management doesn’t need to be high-priced.
Our Investment Manager’s scale assist us to retain costs down for investors. Todovale target Ongoing Charges Ratio (OCR) is just 0.65% p.a

Manage claims

To ensure that we provide a positive expertise to customers who do business with us, we are systematically paying attention to customers through our Net Promoter System (NPS) programs, not only as part of our claims process but all round all customer touchpoints.

Invest and deliver returns

Our financial gain includes returns from invested premiums, policy fees and deposits. Our success as a business is vital to those that depend on us to reliably pay claims, furthermore as investors who look to us to deliver savings returns and operate our business responsibly.

Manage reserves

Our Group-wide policy, the ‘TodoVale Manner of Reserving,’ with well-defined and prudent standards, is the basis for how we tend to calculate insurance liabilities. Our reserving method is supported by sturdy governance, plus large-scale internal and external reviews.

Underwrite and manage risks

Managing and insuring risk is central to what we tend to do. Understanding, modeling and measuring risks helps us to cost risk fairly and offer competitive premiums to customers, who additionally look to us to provide expertise aimed toward mitigating risks.

Serve customers and distribute through multiple channels

Our products and solutions are accessible to customers with attention on great customer service, through many channels: directly, or indirectly via brokers, through employee advantages consultants, and in collaboration with third parties together with banks, rental agreements, car dealerships, travel providers and retailers.

Our Multi-asset impact investing strategy

Our Multi Asset Impact strategy leverages the breadth and depth of TodoVale’s investment expertise across geographies and asset classes, combined with our proprietary impact approach and ESG research and scoring.

TodoVale Impact Approach

In plain terms, our impact approach is regarding investing in prosperity for people and prosperity for the globe. We have the tendency to assess investments using our listed impact framework which is made up of 5 key pillars:

This impact framework is integrated into our multi asset team’s investment method that aims to capture worldwide growth through long-term convictions at both asset allocation and security choice levels. The team then use the flexibility of the strategy to navigate ever-changing market conditions and apply a multi-tiered approach to risk mitigation.

The strategy’s primary goal is to deliver sustainable and enticing returns through an active multi-asset approach, whereas generating a positive and measurable impact.

We aim to provide clear and measurable impact metrics centered on a wide range Sustainable Development Goals contribution towards societal and environmental issues.

What is the Evolving Economy?

Companies are growing ever more global and multi-sector in their approach, however several investors’ approach to equities remains the same. We’ve recognized five themes that we believe will shape the way companies work in future, which will also have a radical impact on equity investors: automation, the connected consumer, lifestyle and ageing, cleantech, and transitioning societies. We call these themes the Evolving Economy.

Our Clean Economy strategy

Our approach to investing within the Clean Economy seeks to recognize high-quality, growth-oriented firms operating across one of four key investment areas impacted by the finite amount of natural resources. We trust these are the areas which will provide innovative, new investment opportunities:

1. Low Carbon Transport: Across the globe, the demand for sustainable transport is increasing, providing investors with ample investment opportunities in emission reduction systems, electric vehicles and battery technologies.

2. Smart Energy: The necessity and demand for greener homes is growing, helping to provide the momentum and resources for the development of energy efficient technologies. This is producing investment opportunities in renewables, greener homes and efficient factories.

3. Agriculture & Food Industry: Companies are exploring new ways in which to satisfy the growing demand of rising populations whereas limiting the use of scarce water and land. This is providing abundant opportunities to invest in companies that are developing food and agricultural technologies.

4. Natural Resource Preservation: Public opinion is shifting and putting pressure on firms to better manage supply chains – and is providing investment opportunities in firms who are mitigating their environmental damage and evolving their practices.

Focus on thematic purity through innovative proprietary research

To give investors access to long-term drivers of returns, we’ve evolved our collaborative analysis organization to prioritize thematic exposure over geographic and sector data which is slightly relevant for evaluating today’s multi-sector businesses.

Our proprietary thematic exposure database also allows us to quantify companies’ levels of exposure to specific themes across the Evolving Economy, across a universe of c.11,000 listed companies:


Our portfolios tend to have a high level of purity associated to the themes
Typically over 70% of stocks in our portfolio have high or medium exposure stocks to a specific growth theme.
This ensures high thematic purity with appropriate diversification, whereas also permitting us to invest in firms with high potential
at an earlier stage of tapping into long-term trend or switching their business.

What are the potential benefits of the Ageing and Lifestyle theme?

The investible opportunities of ageing populations extend much beyond the obvious areas of healthcare. The changing lifestyles and needs of older generations could represent a multi-decade growth chance for investors. By 2030, two-thirds of over-60s’ consumption growth in developed markets will be spent across various industries dedicated to living well, from fitness and beauty, to entertainment and travel.

Meanwhile other industries like financials, healthcare and real estate will have to rapidly adapt to retiring and elderly generations’ needs.

We invest in corporations operating across four areas related with the economic implications of longevity:

  • Silver Spending: Industries dedicated to living well; aesthetics/beauty, fitness, personal care, travel, housing, entertainment and leisure.
  • Treatment: Corporations seeking sustainable treatment solutions for the approaching generations.
  • Wellness: The wellness industry includes personalized treatments, nutrition, beauty, preventative medicine and anti-ageing treatments.
  • Senior Care: Markets for senior housing and specialist assisted living facilities, like Memory Care that focuses on dementia patients.

Our Green Bonds strategy

At TodoVale, our Green Bonds strategy is a purist approach which combines our extensive resources in global, active stable income investing with our proprietary Green Bond framework and ESG scoring methodology.

Our green bond framework

Using TodoVale’s green bond framework, we only invest in green bond projects which provide a material benefit to the environment to ensure that only the most impactful and relevant projects receive the needed funding. Our proprietary framework is composed of four pillars for choosing an investment:

  • Is the green bond suitable with the bond issuer’s environmental objectives?
  • Will the project have a transparent impact beyond the issuer’s business as usual?
  • Do we know that the proceeds will finance what they’re supposed to?
  • How does the issuer plan to track the progress of the project and calculate the impact?

We centre on green investment bonds which give benefits in one of four key environmental themes:

  • Smart energy solutions
  • Green buildings
  • Sustainable ecosystems
  • Low carbon transportation

We aim to provide clear and measurable impact metrics centered on UN Sustainable Development Goals contribution towards societal and environmental issues, including:

Diverse & Inclusive workplace

Engaging with Us

The TodoVale Foundation is more than a select group in a room determining what is best for the globe. We tend to reason outside the ticked box by equipping TodoVale employees’ to become activists in their communities. We unite NGOs and governments, businesses and native heroes to work with those most in need. By upholding the champions and together examine the bigger picture – in all its complexity – we’ve a better possibility of addressing our society’s most pressing issues.

We acknowledge community investment as an important engagement tool and have a number of initiatives in place to maximize TodoVale employees’ engagement with the Foundation. We are also piloting and identifying new initiatives to engage our wider stakeholder group.