Multi Asset

What is multi-asset investing?

Multi-asset investing combines investments across multiple asset classes in one portfolio to help investors diversify risks, target specific outcomes, and achieve their long-term goals. Multi-asset funds generally have the flexibility to generate performance by dynamically adjusting both their asset allocation and security selection over time as market conditions change.

Having evolved significantly over the years, multi-asset investing is no longer just about blending equities and bonds, but instead encompasses a wide variety of asset classes, such as commodities, property and derivatives, aiming to help investors reach their financial goals.


What are the benefits of multi-asset investing?

We understand that in a world of increasing uncertainty, it can be difficult for investors to find the investment solution that’s right for them. By investing across all major asset classes, multi-asset investing can:

Help investors navigate uncertain markets

Flexible multi-asset funds can help investors manage, and benefit from, volatility and unexpected events by drawing on a wide range of risk mitigation techniques.

Make investing easier

Multi-asset offers a less complicated, less time-consuming and less expensive route to diversification than doing your own asset allocation in today’s complex financial system.

Help investors reach their investment goals

Multi-asset funds combine the most attractive qualities of multiple asset classes, which could help investors reach their financial outcomes such as capital preservation, capital growth or income.

Why TodoVale Investment Managers for multi-asset investing?

Creating the right asset allocation and monitoring it through market cycles takes time and expertise. Our philosophy and history as an active long-term manager means that our investment experts develop strong convictions based on experience and market insight to help investors reach their financial goals.

With over 15 years of experience, our team’s conviction process is strengthened by robust quantitative tools to help them capture market opportunities, using downside risk management techniques to help mitigate the impact of market downturns on our portfolios.

A judgemental multi-asset approach

To help investors target long-term performance, we combine the judgmental views of our experienced investment experts across asset allocation and security selection, using a framework of Macroeconomic, Valuation, Sentiment and Technical (MVST) factors to scrutinise the investment rationale for every conviction.

…strengthened by quantitative insights…

We then test these convictions with robust quantitative inputs and analysis. Our portfolio management team uses 150 proprietary investment signals which they have developed, and continually aims to develop new, additional signals to make sense of markets.

…and a multi-tiered approach to risk

To help investors manage any unanticipated risks and be prepared for the unexpected, we use a multi-tiered risk management technique, detailed below.

Our multi-tiered risk approach to multi-asset investing: